Chocolate Cupcake

Chocolate cupcake topped with chocolate fresh cream and chocolate flake rolls.


All cakes should be stored in a cool dark place on a flat sturdy surface. Only Fresh cream cakes should be stored in a fridge.

Delivery information:
Local Delivery £5.00 unto 3 miles on orders over £30.00, plus £2.00 per mile thereafter with pre-booking Nationwide Delivery from £30.00 UK mainland.

For any specific or surprise delivery please call our store on 01484 322000.

Because each cake is made to order and decorated individually by hand (it’s why they’re just so good!) some of the colours and designs may differ slightly from the product displayed in the picture

Allergen Information:
All of our cakes are suitable for vegetarians.This product may contain nuts. While there are no nuts in the ingredients of our sponge cakes, our cake decorating studio does use marzipan in other creations which do contain nuts.This cake also contains wheat, gluten, eggs and soyaPlease be aware that some cakes with icing characters may contain cocktail sticks and spray toppers contain food-safe modelling wires so please take all necessary precautions before consuming!